The Nether is a PvP arena where players everywhere globally are exposed to PvP damage. It features a vast arena
where players, regardless of armor, or weapon are equal, so all players have equal advantages when pitted against one another.


  • Prior to the 1.12 update, all players ranking in top 3 in number of kills were rewarded 1 gold coin.
  • Soul Points are not lost in the nether, nor are any your items.
  • All players are equal in terms of damage inflicted, and taken. A player clad in diamond armor as the same defense as someone without armor, and a player with an oak wood stick would inflict equal damage as somone with Bob's Mythic Wand.
  • No Mobs spawn in the Nether.
  • Horses are not spawnable in the Nether.
  • Each round in the Nether is 5 minutes long.