Soul pts bar

Location of Soul Points on your hotbar.

Souls or Soul Points play a major role for the player. Upon death, players lose 2 Soul Points. And at every Sunrise, players earn 1 Soul Point. Every minecraft day (20 minutes) players regenerate 1 Soul Point.

Soul SubtractionEdit

  • Killed by Mobs/Natural Occurences (Lava, fall dmg, etc.) -2 Soul Points
  • Killed by using /kill -2 Soul Points

Soul Points CapacityEdit

  • Non-VIP: 10 Soul Points
    Soul pts vip

    Comparision between maximum VIP and Non-VIP Soul Points

  • VIP/VIP+: 15 Soul Points


  • Being killed in a duel does not, subtract any Soul Points from you whatsoever.
    • In addition to not losing Soul Points in a duel, players also do not lose Soul Points in the Nether .
  • All VIPs have a maximum soul point capacity of 15, but must be regenrated. Meaning, if you play as a class for the first time as VIP, you will not 15 soul points automatically, but rather, 10, and you will need to regenerate the remaing 5.