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The walls of Ragni.

Ragni is the starter town in which all players begin their journey. All players that log onto to WynnCraft for the first time, or log in for the first time after the 1.12 Mob Update start in a trail behind Ragni, which leads to the King's hall. Around it's perimeter, weak zombies spawn, allowing low levelled players to safely train.

Points of InterestEdit

  • King of Ragni - All players logging in for the first time must talk to the king before gaining access to the province of Wynn.
  • Armor Merchant
  • Potion Merchant
  • Weapon Merchant
  • Ragni Sewers down at Ragni's moat

Quest NPCsEdit

  • Enzan
  • The Cook
  • Ooni


  • Despite being the starter town, it posses no bank.
  • The city's name "Ragni" is an anagram for "Grian" who is the lead builder in WynnCraft.