Instant health potion

A healing potion

Potions can be healing drinks or saturation potions. They can't be brewed by players, but can be bought from potion merchants and dropped from killed monsters.

Potion Tiers Edit

Healing potions have 6 different levels, and are written with Roman numerals. Potions can be dropped from killed mobs and be bought from potion merchants in towns. Potion merchants are scattered all across the map. The level of the potion dropped depends on the level of the mob killed. (Ex. Level 1 mobs would only drop Tier 1 potions, and zombies as far and advance as the jungle, would drop Tier 6 potions)

  • Tier I - 3 hearts
  • Tier II - 3.5 hearts
  • Tier III - 4 hearts
  • Tier IV - 4.5 hearts
  • Tier V - 5 hearts
  • Tier VI - 5.5 hearts

Hunger Potions Edit

Hunger potions are potions you will get from quests not mob drops. The hunger potion will give you the saturation affect thus making your hunger constantly go up.

Drunkness Potions Edit

Potions of Drunkness are found and bought exclusively in the Potion merchant located in Nemract. 

After use Edit

After drinking a potion, the player will recieve a glass bottle, the glass bottle is used as a junk item, but is also used for quests like Drought Sand, etc.