The liquid merchant is the merchant you can go to to turn your emerald blocks into liquified emeralds or liquified
Liquid merchant

A liquid merchant in detlas

emeralds into emerald blocks. It takes 64 emerald blocks to make 1 liquified emerald.

Use Edit

The use of the liquid merchant is mainly to compress emerald blocks into liquified emeralds, or to turn liquified emeralds back into emerald blocks for spending. Unlike the identifier, there is no additional cost for the transactions. Liquid merchants can be marked by a xp bottle on the Wynncraft map.

Locations Edit

Detlas: X: 455 Z : -1580

The merchant is Detlas is found south-west of the identifier's shop, in the middle of the city.

Temple of Legends: X: -690 Z: 1010

The merchant in the Temple of Legends is near the Emerald Merchants of the east side.