The Item Identifier is an NPC used for applying special attributes for your weapons. He can only identify weapons with

An Item Identifier at Detlas.

Unique, Special, Rare, or Legendary item tags. 

Locations Edit

Here lists all of the locations of the identifier since the 1.12 update:

  • Emerald Trail [Lv. 1]
  • Detlas [Lv. 10]
  • Nemract [Lv. 20]
  • Almuj [Lv. 30]
  • Troms [Lv. 55]
  • Pirate Town [Lv. 60]


To identify, players must right-click the NPC, and a pay menu will pop up containing 9 slots. Players must then pay the said amount of emeralds. Once done,  the window will disapear and the players item will have a random attribute. Take note that identifying can be very expensive, as with every identification, the prevouse price is doubled. All items are first identified depending on what level the item is. (Ex. A level 32 "StabSand" legendary shears would cost 32 emeralds to identfy for the first time. Then if you choose to identify a second time, the price will be 64 emeralds, and so on.)