In Wynncraft, horses are a mobile and significantly faster way to travel on land then by foot. There are 4 tiers of horses, and each horse being more faster than the last. While it is good to have a high tier horse, players should note that a higher tier horse means more training is involved.


A white horse, the highest tier horse you can have

  • Brown horse - Max levels: 10
  • Black horse - Max levels: 20
  • Chestnut horse - Max levels: 30
  • White horse - Max levels: 40

Training Edit

You can train your horse by riding it. If you ride your horse often, it will eventually gain XP, and with that, can level up. The number of XP needed to level up a horse is 100/100 XP. Once the stated requisites are met, your horse will become stronger gaining +1 Jump Height and +1 Speed. All tiers of horses have max levels whom which can be achieved. Leveling a horse becomes increasingly difficult with every level. (While still being 100 XP to level up, with each level, your horse gains XP slightly slower.

Breeding Edit

You can achieve the higher tier of horse in two ways. Either buy it, or try to breed two horses together. In order to breed two horses together, you must put both horses in your crafting menu. The chances of breeding follows:

  • 20% chance to receive a better tier
  • 50% chance to get the same tier back
  • 30% chance to get a worse tier

Breeding two of the same tier of horses has a higher chance to get a better tier. You can't get a higher tier with white horses, so don't bother trying to breed them. You also can't lose your brown horse if breeding them, you can only get the same one back. Be careful! You will not be able to get your horses back once you breed them together.

Buying Horses Edit

There is only one horse merchant in the entire map, and he is located at the Ternaves. You may get a free horse by completing the quest Stable Story at level 34.

Trivia Edit

  • You can not interact with your inventory when riding a horse.
  • You can not use a horse in the Nether, as they dislike the harsh realm.
  • Horses are immune to PvE damage, they can still however take damage, while still being invicible, from mobs such as skeletons who shoots projectiles.